I’m a french Canadian who grew up in the wonderful city of Montreal where art is a part of our culture. At 16 years old I decide to learn how to weld and I was learning really fast because of my high interest in the field. The two first years, I was working as a tack welder in a big manufacturer of metal futon. The next five years I was building tank and some huge industrial tools for excavation. And an other five years for building metal structure. And the last eight years before starting my home business, I was a custom fabricator : I was building many different kind of staircase , furniture, custom blacksmithing, showroom …. and finally in 2013 I came down to North Carolina where my wife family were living for 16 years and we took the decision of starting our company BAMPRO LLC and we are proud of the quality of our work and we are always looking for improvement. We want to thanks all our supporter. BAMPRO LLC ” You want It, we do It! ”